A Horse, of Course 
with, Don Blazer

The Nine Secrets of Perfect Horsemanshi
The First Secret
The Second Secret
The Third Secret
The Fourth Secret
The Fifth Secret
The Sixth Secret
The Seventh Secret
The Eighth Secret
The Ninth Secret

Dunking Hay - The Benefits According to Walter
Famous Movie Horses
Is Walter an Indian Pony?
Walter and the Zodiac

Abandoned Horses

Ameican Horse Council Statistics and Horse Shows

Avoid Pain, Seek Comfort

Bandages and Leg Wraps

Barefoot Trimming - Is it Natural?

Barn Manager Wanted

Battleship, 1938 Grand National Winner

Ban All Drugs!

Big Isn't Better

Biomechanics of Horse Riding

A Brindled Horse?

Bonding with Your Horse - Is It Possible?

Busy as a Beaver - Does Your Horse Chew or Crib?

Buying a Saddle

Can You Hear Me Now? Communicating With Horses


Chose to be a Winner

Cloned Horses

Chondroitin for Joint Pain - Does it Work?

The Color of Horses

Communicating to your Horse with Weight

Conformation:  In the Eye of the Beholder

Cues - Know when to Apply and Release

The Cycle of the Horse Business

Dental Care - Three Controversies

Don't Kiss a Horse

Dressage - The Shame of It

The Dynamic Equine Hoof

The Equus Family - Horses, Donkeys and Mules

Equine Medicine Chest

The Equine Nose

Feeding For a Healthy Hoof

First Aid

Floating Teeth - Who Should Do It?

Footfall Sequence of Equine Gaits

Focus On The Positive

The Forward Seat

Genetics, Environment and Luck (may or may not) Produce a Winner

The Half Halt on Steroids

Heel Support

The Horse In Motion

The Horse Isn't The Problem

Horse Breeds

Horse Ears

Horse Eyes

Horse Gaits - Know the Footfall Sequence

Horses Seldom Burp

Horse Slaughter and Transportation Laws

Horse Trainer Details

Horse Training Advice on the Internet

Horse Training with a "Magic Bullet"

Horses = Manure

Inflammation and the Horse

Instincts - Use Them When Training Horses

Lame Horse?

Lucky Horseshoes

Intimidation Training of Horses

Is a Paint Still a Color Breed?

Man O War - A Legend

Names and How They "Make" Your Horse

Nervous Horses

Paul Revere's Midnight Ride

Poisonous Plants, Drought and Hay

Positive Reinforcement Training???

Rippling Muscles

Rollback -A Great Suppling Exercise

Quit Complaining: Do Something - or Don't Own a Horse

Skin Problems of Horses

A Sow's Ear is a Sow's Ear

Slow Your Horse Down with Lateral Movement

The Sour Horse

Speed Kills

Stimulus Control - Change Your Horse Show Routine

Stress - A Horse Training Requirement

Summer Heat

The Thinking Horse Trainer

Tired Horses and Training

Train Horses the "Natural" Way - Become the Alpha Horse

Treats For Horses

Triple Crown Winner - Will There Ever Be Another?


Understanding Opposites May Help Train Horses

Vital Signs

Wait! The Key to Successful Horse Training

Water For My Horse

Winning Requires Focus

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