Walter (A Horse, Of Course)
Spills The Oats

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Walter is a special horse, just like your horse, and he has plenty to tell you.

Such as what people ought to do "for" their horses instead of "to" them.

And just how a pigmy goat can be a hero. And that if wasn't for rhyming problems horses would be pulling Santa's sleigh, as they used to, instead of reindeer.

Yeah, Walter has plenty to say, and we all know inquiring minds want to know.

Book Description
Walter Spills The Oats is a collection of many of Walter's thoughts and desires and it combines a little history with a little practical experience with a few dreams and some insights about what is or is not going on these days in the horse world.

First you'll meet Walter and find out why he is a brave, little, pony. (He once was a pony pony, but he grew up and now he is just a pony, at times. It will all be explained by the end of the first chapter.) Of course, you want to know how Walter got his name. While he is good at telling tales and interviewing celebrities and top trainers, he wasn't named for Walter Cronkite or Walter Winchell. But he was named for a famous Walter; learn who.

Don't know much about history? Well, Walter sometimes gets his dates mixed up too, but you can count on him to reveal who was the first cowboy, and relate the greatest Pony Express ride made by Pony Bob. He'll tell you how polo came about and how to make a munchy crunchy Christmas cake.

The book is filled with facts--or at least the facts as Walter knows them. The book is filled with laughs--some with Walter and some at Walter. The book is filled good advice--something Walter seldom wants to hear. And the book is filled with photos--of Walter, of course.

From the Publisher
When Walter first came on the scene, he was just a horse like your horse.

He still is, except that now he has a book. (Your horse probably has as many opinions and tales as Walter, but maybe he just hasn't shown his creative writing side yet.)

First Walter started expressing some of his ideas in Don Blazer's column, A Horse, Of Course. Then Walter started showing up at book signings, training clinics and college open house events. One thing led to another, and soon Walter thought he could be an author.

Success Is Easy wasn't planning on publishing a book by Walter, until so many of Walter's friends starting requesting his opinions and insights be presented in a more formal manner. Well, one thing led to another, and the next thing anyone knew, the book was on the presses.

Unlike so many authors, however, Walter hasn't gotten too big for his blanket. He's still a horse, just like your horse, and when you read his book you'll know just what we mean.

About Walter's Assistant
Don Blazer has been writing about horses for more than 35 years. Thousands of fans look to him for information and training tips (he has written several training books, teaches training techniques for Scottsdale Community College, Scottsdale, Arizona) in his nationally syndicated column, A Horse, Of Course.

In addition to writing, Don Blazer has traveled from Alaska to Australia giving hands-on how-to training clinics. When time permits, he shares his training philosophy (See Nine Secrets of Perfect Horsemanship) with clubs and associations.

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