Horse Seminars
     and Clinics

          with Don Blazer


     Horsemen are always interested in “hot topics,” such as “how to make money with horses,” or “how to save money with horses,” or “horse training is just horse talking.”

        If your club or organization is looking for a “hot topic” speaker, then Don Blazer is your guy.

         Blazer has traveled the world speaking to groups about the business of horses—from training to trading, and he delivers the message in a light, lively style which will have your group asking “how soon can he return?”

          For a 1 to 3 hour presentation there is no charge. (Your group will have to cover all expenses from travel to food and lodging.) We do need a three month advance schedule, and we do expect to have books available for sale.

         If you want a meeting to be remembered, get Don to speak to your club or organization. (Don also does great motivational talks to business groups using his book Nine Secrets of Perfect Horsemanship to demonstrate the path to success in any business.)

To schedule a speaking engagement, e-mail, with organization name, planned dates, topic desired and contact information.


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