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By Don Blazer
       Well-trained horses, most of the time, know more than those trying to ride them.

       I know most riders don't want to hear that, or refuse to believe it applies to them…but over the years, I've found it's true.

       Put a possible buyer on a world champion performance horse, and more times than not the rider won't know how to frame the horse, understand the needed footfall sequence, determine the effort being provided by the horse or position her own body to communicate correctly with the horse.

       In the majority of cases, when dealing with a horse that is capable of advanced maneuvers, the rider needs to go back and master the basics of leg aids, lateral movements, turning, stopping and collection before questioning the ability of the horse.

       If you are serious about competing and winning, then start by evaluating yourself and your abilities as a rider; can you really get the horse to perform to his maximum talent and training?   Find a recognized winning trainer and have him or her evaluate your riding skills and the level of training of your horse.  You'll be surprised at what you hear, and the advice you get will be worth tons more than the cost.

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