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Don Blazer
         The only horses that can truly be said to be “one person” horses are Libras (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22)…..virtually all others don’t “bond” with you, but are willing to be accepted into your herd.  A herd can be just you and the horse.

          Most horse lovers love to think horses like being with and bond to humans.  But that isn’t the case.  Horses are dependent on humans; so if a human exhibits traits of “leadership” and gains a horse’s “trust”, then the horse will happily join the human’s herd.  But the horse hasn’t “bonded” to the human; the horse has only concluded that survival chances look good and being in this herd is relatively comfortable.

          Move the horse to another human’s herd and if the human demonstrates similar leadership traits, the horse will happily join the new herd.  There will be no “yearning” for the previous human.

          The key to having a horse “join your herd” is in gaining the horse’s respect, which means you show leadership by asking for and expecting to get certain responses (whether on the ground or riding), that you set boundaries and enforce them and that you provide comfort, food and water.

          A horse may be forced to “live within your herd”, but he’ll never “accept your leadership” if you are inconsistent.  Everything you do with a horse is a training session; be sure you are training to gain a “happy herd member.”

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