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By Don Blazer

        When teaching a new maneuver, too often the trainer gets the "cart before the horse" so to speak.
        Any new maneuver is easy for a horse to learn if the horse has first learned the "basics".  Too often the basics are passed over in favor of the excitement of teaching something new.

        The basics which every horse should be able to perform consistently and easily are the correct response when asked to move any part of his body.  The horse should place his head in the correct position on cue for the upcoming maneuver.  The horse should keep the forehand upright and balanced and the horse should move the hindquarters farther under the body or the hip to the right or the left instantly upon a light cue; control over the body makes up the basics.

       A flying change of leads is easy for a horse that responds to moving the hip left or right.  But before asking for the flying change of leads, the horse must move the hip left and right on command at the walk.  Once that is mastered, the horse must be able to do it at the jog or trot.   If the horse has mastered this basic maneuver, then the horse can make the flying change of leads as a matter of simple compliance to a very ordinary rider cue---move the hip left or right.

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