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By Don Blazer
          Don’t sour your horse on going to horse shows.   Instead make “shows” the place he wants to be.

          Too many horsemen over-work their horses at horse shows.  They school and school and school on them.  No wonder they become “sour” show horses.

          If you’ve done your schooling at home, there is no need for schooling at the show.   Warm your horse up, give him some treats and plenty of “pats” and “good boy”s (both are positive reinforcers which make a horse want to repeat an event) and then show him.  

          After you’ve shown the horse, don’t go back to his stall immediately.  That tends to make a horse want to rush through a class so he can rest and eat without you bothering him.  Walk around and let the horse enjoy a bit of sightseeing, then take him back to his stall.

          At home schooling should be much more demanding the showing.  If it is, then horse shows will be a joy for your partner, not a dreaded trip.


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