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Horse Training Tips and Techniques, Helpful Hints for Health Care;
Plus Business Advice on Making Your Career With Horses a Financial Success

By Don Blazer
     Push, don't pull!

     With horses you are always correct if you push…..and you'll be successful.

     You are always incorrect if you try to "pull."  And you'll seldom be successful.   (Horse, you know, don't even "pull" a wagon or cart or buggy….they "push" it.   The horse pushes into the collar, "pushing to move the vehicle behind them".)

     When first teaching lateral work, be sure you shift your weight to the left if you want to move laterally to the right.  Once your weight is on the left, and you use left leg pressure, your leg and your weight "push" the horse to the right.  (Everything is, of course, the opposite if you want to work laterally left.)

     Horses learn to give to the push, and they learn to lean on or resist the pull.  So, push, don't pull.


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