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Horse Training Tips and Techniques, Helpful Hints for Health Care;
Plus Business Advice on Making Your Career With Horses a Financial Success

By Don Blazer
       If you have a high performance horse (runner, barrel horse, roper, western pleasure horse, jumper, dressage or just a down-the-trail trail horse) have him or her trimmed or shod every 30 days.

       A healthy horse's hoof will normally grow from 1/8 to ╝ inch in 30 days; some grow 3/8 of inch in 30 days.  A 1/8 of an inch in a horse's hoof can mean lots of changes in the stresses of break-over, tension on ligaments and tendons, even joint angles.  When a sound horse is performing well, you don't want the change his "movement".   Keep him as close to perfect as you can!

       If you question what a little growth can do, take a dollar bill and fold it lengthwise in thirds, then insert it on one side of one of your shoes.  Wear the shoe all day and decide if your horse needs to be trimmed or shod every 30 days.  Barefoot is fine is the hoof is kept short and balanced.  Shoeing is best if the hoof needs protection or needs to be brought into balance by a mechanical means.

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