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Horse Training Tips and Techniques, Helpful Hints for Health Care;
Plus Business Advice on Making Your Career With Horses a Financial Success

By Don Blazer

          Ultimately “self-interest” is what drives all decisions by man or horse.

          What you are doing with your horse is all the result of self-interest. 

          What the trained horse does when you ask him to respond he does in his own self-interest.

          To make training easy for the horse, (and successful for you) think in terms of “how do I show this horse what is in his best interest?” 

          For example, any lateral movement can be taught by applying pressure to one side of the horse and immediately praising and releasing the pressure instantly upon the horse moving away from the pressure.

          Of course it takes time to perfect all the movements you want, so be patient.

          The ultimate perfect response by the horse comes when the horse understands clearly what is in his best interest. 

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