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By Don Blazer

       Don't let anyone ride your horse!

       If you are serious about training to advanced levels, don't let anyone (other than someone you are sure is a much better rider than yourself) ride your horse.

      Horses, no matter how well trained, deteriorate in responsiveness and performance to the level of the rider.  If you let a lazy rider ride your horse, within a matter of hours your horse is going to drop several levels in performance skills.

      Riders who don't know the proper cues and proper foot fall sequences for each maneuver will ruin your horse in a matter of just a few rides.

      Now, if you don't know the proper cues and proper foot fall sequences for every maneuver, your horse isn't going to reach advanced levels…no matter how smart or talented.

      If you aren't getting "competition winning responses" from your horse, then you better start seeking some help to improve your riding skills.

      Lots of riders have talent, but unfortunately the majority of riders don't know how to cue for the correct foot fall sequences.  If you can't get your horse to put his feet down in the correct place and in the correct order, then a pivot isn't a pivot and a collected canter is the farthest thing from the horse's mind.

      Don't let someone ruin your horse…..and don't ruin the horse yourself.  If you aren't constantly getting better and better performances…then get help!

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