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Horse Training Tips and Techniques, Helpful Hints for Health Care;
Plus Business Advice on Making Your Career With Horses a Financial Success

By Don Blazer

       Nothing succeeds in horse training like consistent persistence.

       After all a trained horse is just performing what has become a habit.  You ask, and it's his habit to respond in a specific way.

       Of course, you must know you are being consistent and persistent in teaching the correct response.

       When a horse is walking, for example, and you want him to extend his stride, you apply leg pressure on his right side when his right hind foot is grounded.  And then apply left leg pressure when his left hind foot is grounded. Your leg pressure, correctly timed, causes the horse to apply more power when pushing off his hind foot, thereby lengthening his stride.

      If you are incorrect in your timing, however, and you apply left leg pressure when the left hind foot is in flight, you'll cause the horse to lift his leg a bit higher.

      If you are not asking for a specific response correctly, then your consistent persistence is simply just "confusing for your horse."

      It is your responsibility to know every footfall sequence for every maneuver you expect your horse to perform, and you want to teach.

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