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By Don Blazer
       If you're having trouble keeping your horse focused on the job at hand, it may actually be that you aren't focused.

       More often than not, your horse loses his focus on the requested task because just after you started to teach the maneuver, you thought of something else you need to do, and you lost your focus.  The instant you had thoughts other than the maneuver, your horse lost his mental connection with you.  And when you are not mentally on the same page, you are going in different directions.

       It's even easier to lose focus when working with an advanced horse.  Because you expect your "finished" horse to perform correctly, you allow multi-thoughts to float through your mind.  Your lack of focus means your horse lacks focus and that results in sloppy performance instead of crisp, concise maneuvers.

       Keep your mind on the task at hand, and your horse will too!


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