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By Don Blazer

      The "tip the nose" cue is doubly good for you and your horse.

      First, the "tip the nose" cue tells your horse in which direction you are going to go, and then it helps keep the horse from allowing his shoulder to "fall" into the turn.

      To teach the "tip the nose" cue, use left heel pressure near the girth to say, "tip nose to the left", while you give little upward tugs on the rein to actually tip the nose.  The instant the horse's nose tips just a bit to the left, discontinue both cues and praise the horse.  Once the horse learns to tip his nose the instant he feels your heel pressure, you can discontinue the tug on the reins.

      While you are moving forward and making a turn to the left, you'll have your heel against your horse at the girth…first telling the horse to tip his nose to the left (direction of travel) and secondly keeping the horse from dropping his shoulder into the turn.  For smooth, collected movement, you want to keep those shoulders upright, and the "tip the nose" cue will help you do it.

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