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By Don Blazer
        Knowing what you want to accomplish is the key to reaching horse training goals.

        Be specific.  If you want to teach your horse lateral work, (that’s a broad spectrum) start with a single exercise.   Always set very low expectations, but never become attached to those expectations.

        The easiest lateral work will be the two-track.  All you are actually asking your horse to do is move the hindquarters over 45 degrees.  Once the hindquarters are in position, the horse should move down the rail at a 45 degree angle to the rail, leaving “two tracks” behind.

        In teaching the movements, make your communication specific.  Ask the horse to move the hindquarters by applying leg pressure back from the girth.  You do not want the forehand to move with the hindquarters, so block with light opposite leg pressure at the girth.

        That’s it for this lesson.   You have a single goal…the two track.   You’ve broken the lesson down into very small parts…a movement of the hindquarters.   And you have very low expectations…just a few steps, or even just a small effort to respond correctly. 

        When the horse has made an effort, praise that effort.

        To reach your goals, you must know your goals.

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