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By Don Blazer

         Practice makes perfect!

         But there are those who will tell you, "It's only perfect practice that counts".


         It is the "mistake" that counts.

         There must be a confrontation for learning to take place.  Confrontation does not mean punishment or abuse, it simply means the student has been told the choice or action was incorrect. 

         With horses it's simple.  You request something and the horse responds.  If the horse responds correctly he is rewarded in some manner…the removal of pressure, a pat, a kind word, a treat.

         If the horse responds incorrectly he is confronted- is stopped, has additional pressure applied, is turned, is put into a shorter frame, is pushed forward.   Whatever the confrontation, it makes the incorrect response difficult.

        When the horse responds correct to the repeated request, his response is rewarded and made easy.

        When you are trying to be "perfect" you are trying to keep the horse from making mistakes, and you are limiting his opportunity to learn.  In addition you are usually trying too hard, are tense, and are not mentally "accepting".

       Embrace the mistakes, for they are your teaching aide.

       Don't seek perfect practice; practice to become perfect with your partner. 

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