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By Don Blazer
        If you're riding an Aries horse, you'll find him very busy this month investigating "anything" that catches his eye.

       So use the behavior modification techniques of "desensitization" and "incompatible behavior training" to return his focus to his lessons.

       The Aries is an action horse, so when he loses his concentration, don't fight him; that only creates more action.  If his attention is on something you can allow him to see, touch, taste and smell…let him "desensitize."    When he is done investigating, go back to his lesson for the day.

       On the other hand, if he is just not paying attention to your request, train an incompatible behavior to get him focused again.  For example, if you are trying to walk a straight line, but he can't keep his nose in front of him, try two-tracking to the left, then two-tracking to the right.  After going in both directions at least twice, do several 360 degree pivots on the hindquarters in both directions and then walk on doing a shoulder in.  After performing a shoulder-in once around the training area, I think you find he's happy walking a straight line with his nose in front of him.

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