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By Don Blazer
        Everyone has "good days" and "bad days."   So does your horse.

        When your horse seems to be having a bad day, you need to stop training and start looking for the "bad day" reason.

        Check first for any physical problem.  Just as you and I can get up in the morning with a few aches and pains we didn't have the night before, it can also happen to your horse.  

       If you didn't find any "sensitive" spots when you were grooming the horse before saddling, don't assume there aren't any.  Pull the saddle and give your horse a thorough exam for any sore spots, heat in legs, joints or feet.

      Put the horse on the lunge line and take a good long look at how the horse is traveling.

      If you have any concerns about physical problems…stop training…. start searching for the problem.

      If you don't find a specific physical problem, it's time to consider that you may be the problem and that you need to take a different approach with training today.  What can you do that is in the best interest of your horse?   

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