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Horse Training Tips and Techniques, Helpful Hints for Health Care;
Plus Business Advice on Making Your Career With Horses a Financial Success

By Don Blazer
      To help your horse relax and get focused on the job at hand, develop a "warm up" routine.

      Horses love routine, so if you make all your training sessions similar, your horse will know what to expect, be more relaxed and ready to perform.

      At home, always start with a good grooming session; this sets the tone for the training session.   When you get to your training area, be sure to begin your session with a "warm up" that checks all the horse's responses to cues.  Is your horse listening to your legs, weight shifts and rein cues? 

     When you get to the show grounds, before doing any training, take your horse for a walk around the area. 

      During the walk, let your horse see, hear, smell and touch things.  This simple routine calms your horse and after done a few times will have your horse ready to "warm up" without being distracted.  Be sure to begin your riding "warm up" by first checking your horse's response to cues.

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