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By Don Blazer

                Recognizing our weaknesses and those of our horses, can be a good thing.  But too much concentration on our poorer performances can interfere with a horse’s training progress.

          When your horse has a difficult time with a specific exercise, you certainly want to improve the performance, but let’s not fixate on a problem and start drilling the horse.

          Instead select an exercise the horse does well that is related to the exercise the horse does less well.    For example, a horse may have a hard time correctly crossing his feet for a
side pass, but be pretty good at “two-tracking”.  (Moving his body at a 45 degree angle while moving on a straight line).

          Concentrating on what he does well, the two-track, you can easily move the horse into a side pass by simply moving his hindquarters over another 45 degrees.  Don’t try to side pass the horse very far, and give him plenty of praise when he does cross his legs correctly a time or two.

          Now go right back to the two-track, the horse’s strength and provide plenty of praise.  Overcoming a horse’s weakness by using his strengths, results in better performance without stress.

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