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Horse Training Tips and Techniques, Helpful Hints for Health Care;
Plus Business Advice on Making Your Career With Horses a Financial Success



                                                   All Action Intiates in the Hindquarters

The Aries Horse

Back to Go Forward

Basics First

Bonding or Trust?

                                                   Break at the Withers with a Shoulder-In

Concentrate On Strengths to Overcome Weakness

Conformation for Power and Speed

Conformation for a Specific Event
Consistant Persistence In Horse Training  

                                                   Cool Your Horse

                                                   Correct Saddle Placement


Don't Rush

The "Finished" Horse
First Rule of Horse Training - No Pain

Focus and Do Your Best When Showing Your Horse

Goals - Start with a Single Exercise

Good Days and Bad Days

Keep Focused!

Know Your Horse Training Goals

Use the Herd Instinct When Training Youngsters

Horses Make Trainers...Trainers Don't Make Horses

How Badly Do You Want To Win?

Less Is More - Don't Push Your Horse During Training

Look Up to Improve Your Score

Mistakes - Training Opportunities

Mistakes Lead to Perfection

Most Valuble Horse Training Asset

No "Guest" Rides

One Step At A Time

Owner Training - It May Be You, Not The Horse

"Push", Don't "Pull" When Training Horses

Use the Rollback to Slow and Soften Your Horse

Routine - It Can Help Relax Your Horse

Saddle Up To Win

Self-Interest and Horse Training

Show Your Horse At a Level Where He Can Shine

Shoulders-In to Teach Your Horse to Break at the Withers

Side Passing

Slow Your Horse with the Half-Pass

Soften Your Horse With "Down" and "In"
Sour Show Horses

Specifics of Horse Training

Suppleness is a Sophisticated Concept

The Taurus Horse

Tip the Nose into the Direction of Travel

Turn the Engine Off to Slow Down

The 30-Day Hoof Care Plan

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