Don Blazer is an author, a teacher, a trainer and a trader.  For more than 40 years he's helped thousands of horses and horse owners enjoy the best of relationships based on knowledge, understanding and actions which are mutually beneficial.

     The author of eight How-To books on training performance horses and horse health care, he also writes the syndicated column A Horse, Of Course, which is must reading for thousands of fans across the nation.

     As a teacher, he's traveled from Alaska to Australia demonstrating training techniques and he's taught a variety of horsemanship courses for seven colleges and universities.

    Show horses or race horses, he's trained world class winners at both ends of the spectrum.  His show horses have competed at world championship events and his race horses have won both Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred Stake races.

    Making Money With Horses is not only the title of one of his books, it is a way of life for him.  He began his career as an author, trainer, teacher and trader at 19, and he's still at it-a syndicated column, clinics and lectures, young horses ridden daily, and occasionally he sells a horse.

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     Whether you want a horse-training book or a horse-care book, you'll find all the books on this site have been selected because they are direct, to the point, and offer advice proven to be beneficial to the horse.     
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Make Money with Horses
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Read by the author:
Don Blazer

   Tells in detail how you can profit with weanlings, yearlings, broodmares, stallions, and as a trainer doing what you like best with the breed you like best. You can cash in on horses by starting your own business.

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Now you can solve any training problem, any riding problem.

       Learn the Nine Secrets of perfect horsemanship, and combine them with the six elements of training and you can change any behavior into positive action, eliminate any training difficulty or correct any riding fault. Unlike any other riding or training book, Nine Secrets explains how the cause of problems can be removed without force, without gimmicks and without the use of specialized, costly equipment.

     "It's the best book I've ever read on horsemanship," is pretty high praise, especially when the reviewer says, "and I've read a lot of them."
But Melinda Codling offers that opinion about Don Blazer's Nine Secrets of Perfect Horsemanship, a look at the mental aspects of riding and training which transcends specific disciplines and styles.

     "I could really feel the pulse of the book," says Codling, a woman who loves riding the high back country of Washington State. A rider and trainer, Codling is active with the Back Country Horsemen (BCH). She is the safety director for the Tahoma Chapter, producing brochures and tips on safe riding. BCH has chapters in 13 states. In addition to her BCH activities, Codling is interested in equine therapy for mental health and is working toward certification as a therapist.

      Blazer's Nine Secrets are presented in combination with the six elements of horse training to solve any riding or training problem. "It doesn't matter whether you are a trail rider or a competitive show rider, all difficulties can be overcome without the use of force, gimmicks or specialized equipment," Blazer says. "Understanding the secrets of horsemanship allows you to find solutions to misunderstanding by both horse and horseman."

Not Just For Equestrians
       E. MacNeill, from Canada, writes: "I went to the library to get any books I could on horsemanship.  Out of dozens of books to choose from, I came across your 9 Secrets book.  I don’t know why I picked it, but it was one of only 6 books I came home with that day.  I looked at all the other books with colourful, glossy pictures first.  Then I took my kids skiing one day and knew I’d be sitting in the lodge for the day.  For some reason I grabbed your book to take along, after it had been left on the bottom of the library stack for a couple weeks." 

     "Strangely, I jumped to the last page first, the one that summarizes the 9 secrets and 6 elements.  After reading that page I proclaimed to myself: 
“This book isn’t about horsemanship!  It’s about life!”

      "I then jumped back to the first page and within a few paragraphs, I literally started weeping.   Your words touched me on many different levels, from horseback riding, to relationships, to spirituality, to life in general.  As I read on, I started writing down your powerful ‘one-liners’ on little sticky notes that I had with me, and attached them to the inside cover (ones like:  “The heart is brave, and accepts both the difficult and easy”).  By the end of the book,  I had about 20 little sticky notes stuck all over the inside cover."

"I have gone back to many different pages in the book and substituted a person’s name (that I’m trying to develop a long-lasting and meaningful relationship with), wherever the word ‘horse’ appears.  It’s amazing how perfectly that works!  I am about to do the same with my relationship to the stockmarket!"

Book Description
      This is a training how-to book which concentrates on the mental aspects of horsemanship regardless of style of discipline. Understand the Nine Secrets empowers the trainer to solve any training or riding problem, and reveals the ways the six elements of horse training combine to bring about a perfect partnership between horse and rider for a perfect performance.

From the Publisher
       This book is for the more advanced horseman who is ready to find perfect horsemanship by giving up the use of force, gimmicks and specialized equipment. Don Blazer has been a successful show horse trainer and a successful race horse trainer for more than 30 years. His horses have won at jumping, dressage, reining, racing, western pleasure and English pleasure, and he explains how the style of riding or performance is only the result of successful communication between two equal partners--the horse, the rider.